Kinetics Nails Spa Pedicure PRO CALLUS GEL 225ML


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Efficient and drip-free callus remover. Formulated with high concentration of Urea and Lactic acid, it contains no alkali, requires no rinsing, and is safe to use even on sensitive skin. Suitable for diabetics.



Lacid acid and 20% Urea gel for effective corn and callus removal;
Gel-consistency drip-free formula that is easy to apply and work on problem areas;
Combination of 20% Urea and 5% Lactic acid efficiently softens and removes callused areas;
Does not contain alkali, therefore product does not require rinsing and is not irritating, even for sensitive skin;
Two moisturizers, Aloe vera and Urea, keep skin hydrated and smooth to the touch;
Suitable for diabetics;
Urea efficiently softens corns and prevents them from building up until the next service.


Apply a thin layer of the product directly to problematic, callused areas and allow to penetrate for 2-3 minutes. Work with a file to clean your feet skin. Do not rinse; wipe with a warm, moist towel if desired. Combine with the use of Pro Callus Spray to moisturise the foot skin.

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Kinetics Nails Spa Pedicure PRO CALLUS GEL 225ML