Kinetics Nails Shield Gel Polish CERAMIC BASE #909 MILKY WHITE GOLD


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Shield™ Ceramic Base is a base & colour 2 in 1. It has a range of natural looking colours with good coverage. With wear time up to 28 days, it allows the creation of nail extensions up to 2 mm or small repairs.

The formula has a firm gel-like structure which does not crack even on long and soft nails. It holds the shape for the entire wear time.

Shield™ Ceramic Base has a thick consistency that does not drip and run into cuticles. It is self leveling and allows you to build a perfect nail shape with a very smooth surface. It can be used in two ways – in a thin layer or as a builder base.

Shield™ Ceramic Base is HEMA free, it is less likely to create skin itching and redness when compared to HEMA containing base coats.

Shield™ Ceramic Base cures in LED, UV/LED and UV lamps.



Shield™ Ceramic Base can be used in a builder application technique only.

Application. Prepare the nail surface and apply a thin layer of Shield™ Ceramic Base. Cure for 60 seconds in LED or UV/LED lamp, or 120 seconds in UV lamp.

Proceed with a thicker layer application to create a nail apex. Cure in the lamp. Finish with application of Shield™ top coat of your choice.

Pro tip. If you already know that you will be changing the colour for the next application, apply a thin layer of Shield™ Rubber Base before application of Shield™ Ceramic Base, and cure in the lamp.

It will allow you to change the colour without completely removing the product from the natural nail.

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Kinetics Nails Shield Gel Polish CERAMIC BASE #909 MILKY WHITE GOLD