Kinetics Nails Shield Gel Polish #612 GROUNDED


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Earthy Brown

Connect with your roots through the earthy brown tone that grounds you in the present moment. This color symbolizes stability and reliability, much like the very planet that sustains us. Grounded on your nails reminds you of the beauty in simplicity and the strength found in embracing your origins.

Color hints: Inner strength, Soil, Growth



Shield™ gel polish is a line of 250+ modern and highly pigmented colors. These colors provide up to 100% coverage and the application is streak-free.

All Shield™ colors are HEMA free, they are less likely to create skin itching and redness when compared to HEMA containing formulas.

Shield™ signature bottle in black matt coating looks modern and sleek. The hand painted cap represents the actual color and helps locating shades easily.

All 250+ Shield™ colors are available in the Solar Gel™ nail polish line under the same color number and name. We call it the ‘Same color’ principle.

All Shield™ colors cure in LED, UV/LED and UV lamps.


Prepare the nail surface and apply the Shield™ base coat of your choice. Follow the base coat selector to choose the right base for your nails.

Apply the Shield™ color in a thin layer and cure for 30 seconds in LED or UV/LED lamp, or 90 seconds in UV lamp. Apply a second layer and cure.

Continue with Shield™ top coat application of your choice as the final step.

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Kinetics Nails Shield Gel Polish #612 GROUNDED